PRODUCTS DEATIALS-microshape handset

Feature Description
Exquisite Microshape Design This handset showcases a unique microshape design to enhance skincare. Its compact form seamlessly incorporates advanced technology for effortless facial and neck care.
Multi-Functional Care This handheld device offers versatile skincare with features such as sonic waves and light therapy. Users can choose different modes for cleansing, tightening, whitening, and anti-aging effects as needed.
Neck Care Specialist With a focus on neck care, this device effectively prevents wrinkles using high-frequency sonic waves and light therapy, maintaining a youthful and firm neck appearance.
Portable Design Its portability allows skincare anywhere, anytime, without the need for professional assistance. It is lightweight and travel-friendly.
Intelligent Operation Equipped with a user-friendly interface, this device ensures easy operation and includes timer functions for optimal results in facial and neck care.


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