Feature Description
Powerful Fishing Light -This LED fishing light operates at a voltage of 12V with a power output of 13 watts. Equipped with ultra-bright LED lights, including black lights for night fishing and green blob fishing light, it has the capability to attract prawns, squid, and fish, creating a lively atmosphere at your fishing spot.
Waterproof Design - Coated with waterproof sealants,Crafted from PC material,Excellent waterproofing without fogging or water ingress during use
Robust Material - Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy and PC structure,Effective heat dissipation,Shock resistance and impact resistance,Maintains stable performance in various environments
Outstanding Effects - Attracts microscopic organisms, bait fish, and larger fish, Enhances ease and enjoyment of nighttime fishing
Usage Precautions - Submerge in water before activation to prevent damage due to excessive temperatures,Clearly defined product specifications, including materials, dimensions, and wire length, for accurate usage


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